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Some Forumites (finally, after over two years of my wearing it at Forum-oriented events, which I guess I should have expected) noticed my Science Fiction Forum dog tag and asked where they could get it.

Here's a picture of the two-sided tag:
(it's a big roughed up due to being a few years old, mind you)

If you'd like to design and order one on your own:
1. Go to http://www.artscow.com/photo-gifts/dog-tag/dog-tag-two-sides-227
2. Upload the image files currently at "http://sf4m.org/Historium/Tags/tag_forum.png" and "http://sf4m.org/Historium/Tags/tag_forum-back.png" to their designer.
3. give them money

It's $7 plus shipping and handling. Shipping goes down a bit when order quantities are higher, but it's not by a whole lot.

Anyway, a bunch of these could be ordered for the Forum for the next anniversary; that certainly wouldn't be a terrible idea. But anybody who really craves one of these can get it right away (or as fast as it takes for them to print and send it).

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