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Meeting notes 12/07/11

Meeting notes 12/07/11
Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM

President: Festivus was last Saturday. A round of applause was given to Colleen(Charles). Reuban didn’t kiss me but next year, Reuban, neeext yeeeeear (Secretary: rowr). I hope no one’s gotten cholera. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a good break (secretary: I intend to do the opposite if I can). Keep in touch on the FB group (and upload pics, you cretins) and have a good time.

VP: …

Treasurer: We have checks, some have been used.

Secretary: Was given the cane. That still doesn’t excuse the lack of participation on the FB group. Label the cards and upload your own pics. Get on with it!

Librarian: Suc et!

AC: …

SACFL: Game after meeting.

Historian: We decided we’d rather leave early than have one.


PR: Make yourself a wiki page. Come find me if you want to be on PR next semester.

Fundraising: A cage match between Pete and Spector was held and 20% of the pot went to Fred.

New business:
Old business:
Elections tonight

The hat was mighty amongst the haberdasher related items.
Sean got two people to help judge the fanfics. I think. He might still need someone so go ask.

Meeting closed at 7:12

VP – Liz
Head AC – Ian
Head Librarian – Will never read this, so I declare the winner to be Boba Fett. #Mitchellwongproblems

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