Paul (chiscringle) wrote in sf4m,

Meeting notes 11/30/11

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM

President: I had a really fantastic speech lined up, but now everything’s OK, so never mind. Festivus will be Saturday, December 3rd at 1PM in SAC 311. It will be catered. Last night Robert Leeshock didn’t show up.

VP: Is all right. The banner hanging went sideways. It was painted to be hung vertically and we don’t have enough wall space. More work will be done later. We now have money for the boffer build.

Treasurer: Vouchers. Some are going through, some aren’t.

Secretary: Things slowed down. Give me pictures. Old forumites, help with the Lounge Library Wars card restoration project.

Librarian: The library failed to combust and work got done, so yay. Keep strangers away from forum property.

AC: Hi! We have Festivus this weekend. Saturday, December 3rd at 1PM in SAC 311.

SACFL: We have new movies. Captain America, HP7B and Pirates: Stranger Tides. Game after meeting.

Historian: One of the great forum stories was told. Good ol’ Sherman.


PR: …

Fundraising: We raised a fund and it was good.

New business:
Saturday, December 3rd at 1PM in SAC 311 is Festivus
Dumbledore’s Army is planning an event with the 4M and wants to collaborate on panels for I-CON
Construction happened today and apparently went better than expected.
The forum continues to have trash left in it, so keep an eye out. If someone leaves food for the forumites but cannot stay to see it finished, get rid of the empty stuff when you’re done.
Be aware of personal space and smells.

Nominations tonight and next week along with elections

Old business:

The hat was mighty amongst the haberdasher related items.
Festivus, Saturday, December 3rd at 1PM in SAC 311
Eat the sandwich, like the sandwich, finish the sandwich

Meeting closed at 7:50

Ian S
Adam Hurd
Liz B

Head AC:
Ian S
Sean D
Adam Hurd
Liz B
Paul Africano

Head Librarian:
Mitch Wong
Hat Pete

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