Paul (chiscringle) wrote in sf4m,

Meeting notes 11/17/11

Meeting called to order at 6:59 PM

President’s report: Hiya. We’re in the midst of our weeklong event done by Adam Hurd, a smooth mother – shut your mouth. Marathon of Walking Dead happened today. Liz will be holding her Battle Royale for Prettiest Princess soon (after Boffer build).

VP: JMaxx talked to Pedro about our access list. There was an issue that after 5 years, your card chip gets deactivated.

Treasurer: Allocations are over, huzzah! Stuff has come in and is going through. Office supplies are still possible, the Home Depot check is through and the other checks are waiting on approval. The comic book store in the city is giving us a discount if we do an event to go buy stuff.

Secretary: Give us more pictures, we know you have them! Aaron let me in to the old library station and I took everything I could find of interest. Including: Photos, archived logs, instructions on how to do library things and the Lounge Vs. Library Wars Magic Card set. 1/3 of them have pictures and about ¾ have text. I’ll post what I have for now and put pictures and text on the ones I was there for. If people know the people the cards refer to or were there for the events, feel free to comment with pictures and text for the cards. My knowledge of the rules is about 15 years out of date, so help with the actual card abilities is appreciated.

Librarian: If you leave things in the forum overnight or for any long period of absence, stop doing so or we’ll charge rent. We got one of the three Florida donation boxes today.

AC: Go Club is most excellent. We had our Philosophy event this week. Plenty of people from Philosophy club, not many forumites. They got us pizza, so we owe them one.

SACFL: The order for the movies has gone out. Harry Potter 7B, Captain America and On Stranger Tides will be in next meeting. No game next week.

Historian: A long time ago, in a grand grand old land…

PR: Adele made fliers but had to be indoors because the tape ran out.

Fundraising: The mendicant was at home.

New business:
Festivus December 3 in the SAC.

Old business:
Banner hanging still Wednesday at noon.

Anime Plus will be bringing stuff to the aforementioned Go Club mega event game night. 7PM Monday the 21st SAC Ballroom B.
Fanfic contest entries are due next meeting. Cross anything, lemons, limes, apples, pears but no pineapples. We have standards.
Robert Leeshock is still coming.
Thanks to whomever found Phil’s glasses.

Meeting closed at 7:40

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