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Meeting notes 10/19/11

Meeting called to order at 7:00

President’s report: I have written all that shall be said upon this tiny book. Bad things first, then the cool thing. Sorry about Comic-Con, bros. If anyone’s interested in the post-mortem, we got the money, but the badges had already sold out. USG was nice about it, but a tad slow. Since we’ve still got the papers for an event grant, maybe we can make another con. Thanks to those who shelved books today, but a constant stream of processing and shelving would be preferable to letting them all pile up and doing all at once. So if you see books that need processing, send them along. We are focusing on internal forum business rather than big events for the rest of the semester. The floor is in terrible shape, so forumites must be more mindful to clean the forum. Throw your food away and despite the sporadic garbage cleanup, do not create a garbage pile. Go elsewhere with it, to one of the many other garbage containers in the Union. If you are last out of the forum, lock the cabinet, turn out the lights and close the door. Do it in that order to prevent accidents. Lastly on the theme of ‘you’re all savages’, it is keenly encouraged not to go to the forum with the sole intent to talk about people who don’t go to the forum anymore. Especially if it’s all to the bad. That’s what Festivus is for.

Now to the awesome thing! Evan has worked hard and gotten us a boatload of extra funds from USG during Fall Revisions. Personally I think we should look many years in advance and purchase things like chairs, another DVD cabinet, a vacuum and many things besides.

VP: It is awesome that I am vice president and my job is to yell. Dave and Evan are doing the yelling for me with the help of Adib. A vacuum shall be brought unto the forum. During times of cleaning, it shall be closed. Jim Prego is working on a trip to Lunacon.

Treasurer: We have money and I will be spending it. Do not call me to close the forum, no matter how close I may be to it. Allocations further down this page.

Secretary: A committee will be suggested later.

Librarian (report given by the Prime): Vest Paul is doing an RM tutorial to those who need it. It will be comprehensive to the last eventuality and detail, so if you need help with the following topics, talk to Vest Paul:
Entering books with ISBN
Knowing which entry in the ISBN search to use
Modifying what the ISBN search gave you
Entering books without an ISBN
Checking for multicopies automatically
Checking for multicopies manually
Entering multicopies automatically
Entering multicopies manually (not just changing the copy number)
Checking the multicopy records to make sure the right books are linked
Checking books in
Checking books out
Checking the circulations to see who owes what when
Finding out if the book on the desk has been processed recently using the Accession Date.

Head AC: Heroes Vs. Villains is going very well. Next week is the Halloween party, SAC auditorium on Wednesday the 26th at 7PM. There will be no meeting because of the party, so any attempts to have meeting will result in loneliness and angst.

SACFL: No movies have been ordered this month pending a check of the list. I am thinking of getting Transformers 3, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Priest and Pirates 4. Game at 8.

Historian: Lisa told of the flood of ’06, a mighty shanty which ebbed and flowed and nearly sank Harriman.


PR Our Halloween party is at 7 PM, SAC Auditorium Wednesday the 26th. There will be candy, costumes, games and a public domain movie.
An issue from last year: Why is there an iron in the forum? This was explained. It was meant to patch bandanas and the person never returned for it.
Fliers have been hung. Huzzah!

Authors: A week ago, we were told of Robert Leeshock. There will be a screening of his new show and a response will be written. Silence will fall while the movie is shown so as not to bias the watchers. The response will be written and then we can talk again.

Fundraising: Funds rose from the deep places.

New business: Lisa talked about advertising our doors in days gone by. Lisa is moving to Virginia soon and has unfinished business regarding that. She made and produced in meeting a colossal tapestry, mighty amongst Elves and Men. Add more bits to it for the ship side and the fantasy side, as it does not have nearly as many ships or fantasy critters as it might.

A new committee was recommended to investigate what will be restored on the rock, what will be added and what will be replaced and with what. No decision was reached.

Old business: Clean
Fishman is running his Disney day Friday and on Saturday is Jurassic Park and the like.

Forum Vs. Go Club dodgeball to be held campus life time next week.

Andrew is a Photoshop savant and likes to do spaceship scenes. He is doing a tutorial for PS showing how to make planets and starscapes with filters. If there is still interest, he will go on to more advanced topics. It will be on the second of November, place to be determined.

The philosophy club is interested in doing a movie with us. We did the event last year and it went very well. There will be a vote on which movie on the Facebook group.

Up to $175 for books
$291.25 for DVDs
Up to $150 to Office Depot for supplies
$213.16 for various games for our alternative gaming night
Up to $25 for gift card as a prize for the costume contest

Talk to Rich about the Science and Society club, which does gook work and meets Tuesdays at 2:30 in Roth.

The Craft Center is running a Teddy Bear drive

Meeting closed at 7:54

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