Paul (chiscringle) wrote in sf4m,

Meeting notes 10/12/11

These meeting notes are based on real events. Some names have been changed to annoy the guilty.

Meeting called to order at 7 PM

President's report: Mind the sweater, very important.
New York Comic Con is afoot and being worked on, but USG wants paperwork and has yet to get back to us. We're close, however, so keep looking. When we go, we have to keep together to appease USG and be able to get our badges all at once. After that, feel free to wander off. The SF4M is responsible for its members, however, so mind your Ps & Qs. Don't kill Conan, this is also very important. If cosplaying as Han Solo, do so as the retcon rewrite and not as the original theatrical release.

VPs report: Clean (reported in absentia, but do not attempt to clean in absentia. We can't afford the droids)

Treasurer's report: Allocation later. Tired.

Secretary's report: Only one may find the lamp. Aladdin is his name. He liveth on the corner of Chow and Main. Addendum: I am back, but as I tried to transfer this from my Palm via bluetooth, the adapter shorted and I almost burned my hand getting it out of my computer. USB stopped working when I upgraded to Windows 7, so I had to retype all of this. Hopefully I'll have a new bluetooth adapter soon. No more of that Targus junk, I can tell you.

Librarian's report: Gr.

AC's report: Grrr (absenstia)


PR: Make fliers. Post fliers. Be friendly to new people.

Authors: Spector has lined up a someone who worked with Gene Roddenberry, hight Robert Leeshock. He's bringing in a rough of his new show, God Machine. He'll be in the week after Thanksgiving.

The Vest is now digitally published. In case of author emergency, he'll tell you about the time he made over $4.

Fundraising: The Amish are currently involved in an internal conflict, so we had to raise our fund using union labor. We expect it to be up by 2014.


Allocating - For books including one by Terry Pratchett (huzzah), up to $150 to the local craft store for fabric to make decorations and photo albums, up to $200 to BJs for Halloween candy.

Bring cameras to Comic-Con for the 4M.

Halloween party to be held on the 26th in the SAC auditorium.

Meeting closed at 7:30.

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