Paul (chiscringle) wrote in sf4m,

Meeting notes 09/07/11

Meeting called to order 7:00 PM

President's report: Hi, everypony! We just came from an MvC tournament that packed the forum. President likes things in other things. Organized ClubCon September 17-23. Half 4M HP Scene-it, other Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit. LGBTA will screen Last Unicorn, Bitches! Can remember no more. Punches girls.

VP report: Does not apologize for punching people. Off to a new start . Hates being the asshole, but must fit the bill. Sees things laying around, so clean before he gets mad and bans things. Apparently we're too loud, so we must use our inside voices.
President addendum: Remember that fortune cookies are banned. Hair salon needs to keep things peaceful for their customers. Decrease the rape jokes. We have members who are more sensitive than the average brick.
Roman: We once had 6:4 female:male ratio
VP: We must build a time machine

Treasurer’s report: Noise level still an issue. Hair salon complained recently. Allocations to follow.

Secretary: Don't lock the door, you complete idiots.

Librarian: Shiftholders should come see Vince. Lock the cabinet and turn the lights off when you close up.

Head AC: We had an MvC tournament and thanks for running it. Dodgeball against the LGBTA. Rich, Morgan and Sean take care of it. Held at field across from tennis courts out back at 4 on Friday. Wednesday the 14th is Involvement Fair, so come and help out with it. Thursday the 22nd is a Star Wars marathon of the most recently bastardized version. Join the FB group, silly people. We also have a website and a wiki and an LJ and many things besides. If still interested in being a sub-AC, contact Adib on FB.

SACfL: Didn't know meetings were Wednesdays until now. We have Cube 1,2, Jaws, Blu-Ray Silence of the Lambs, Hogfather, Treasure Planet, Monsters Inc and many more besides (9). Remember to close the cabinet or there will be a mighty death. Intends to get X-Men:FC and Thor. There is a Doctor Who game, and this must be spoken of.

AC again: To gain AC power, organize a genre movie run and actually get people to show up. This is a mighty achievement.

Historian: Howie and Santos have an adventure
PR committee: Remember the involvement fair. Tribbles will be scattered to the nine vectors.

Fundraising: Funds rose.

Authors: A non-existent committee can only hire a ghostwriter, union rules.

New business: On Thor day, expose your shoulder. Scavenger hunts may occur but feel free to help out. Morgan is organizing a singing group the flat C-cups. Halloween carols should be sung. Hat day has passed. Barry is running Who Sundays and International Saturday including Miracle Day. Talk Like a Pirate Day Pirate marathon on the day (look it up). Capture the Flag event for forumites. Space and date to come. Talk to Chris deSilva.

No more than $120 movies including stuff
No more than $420 to Comic-Con passes
No more than $150 for books

Old business: Clean and clear and put it under control.

Get involved with I-CON.
Join the Curse of the Final Sanction if you want a Doctor Who 3.5
Zombie Don has a campaign
The MvC tournament continues forever

Meeting close at 7:46

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