Paul (chiscringle) wrote in sf4m,

Meeting notes 8/31/11

Meeting called to order at 6:52

President's report(asynchronous time): Glad to be back. Welcomed all new people and threw away loud phone. E-board introduced in order of sexiness. Introduced forum purpose. Run-through of prospective events.

VPs report in absentia and in person asynch: Clean. Forum was unclean. Must remain clean.

Treasurer's Report: Introduced self. Allocations later. Forum unclean. Must remain clean. One day Comic-Con trip being organized. 10/16/11 perhaps.

Secretaries report: Hi

ACs report: Sub-ACs being looked for. Must run programs.

Librarian's report: Introduced self. Reiterated importance and rules of library. Shifholders wanted for many slots. Ask Vince for sign-up sheet.

Historian: A mighty tale of forumites eating things

PR committee: Reported on progress of canvasing campaign. Involvement fair Sept 14.

Fundraising: Funds are being raised

Old business: No old business

New business: Forum is trying to be kept open until 3AM, hang out.
Club-con: Multiclub event, forum looking for an event to sponsor and put together. Lasts a week, forum taking an entire day. Go to other clubs' events so we get more attendance.
Go club event
LGBTA event: Showing the last unicorn
Forum scavenger hunt: Doctor Who and Game of Thrones themed
Boffer knight in forum

Up to $120 for a Borders raid
Up to $120 for graphic novels from Blue Planet Comics
No more than $170 for books for movies from the lounge


Be careful of the router.
Priority given to stuyding and eating
Join the Facebook group
Africano is running a game, talk to him about it
Read and write in log, as well as the wiki
Who Sundays

Meeting closed: 7:45

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