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Meeting Opens: 6:58
President's Report: This is the last meeting of the semester, when we see each
other again we will be slightly more tan from being outdoors (general laughter).
The Regatta but by gosh it floated, we didn't win but by gosh it floated.
Elections tonight pick the people you like least.

Vice President's Report: Nothing for me to rant about. Vince found a fluffy.

Treasurer's Report: Hi. Our phone bill is a sneaky bitch.

Secretary's Report: Waah, waah I'm sentimental.

Librarian: Discusses his S&M relationship with Dave. He said other tings but
honestly I forgot. It's my last day as secretary really what else do you want.

Head Ac: Oh shit. Picnic Saturday, if it rains too much we'll go to J.C.'s.

Sub Ac: Movies, Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Hunger,
Judge Dred (the Sylvester Stallone version). Last game of the semester is

Historian: Computer Barry is sideways.

P.R. We gave out all of our single issues comics, inside all of which are

Old Business: Clean.

New Business: Dodgeball with the LGBTA sometime during finals.

Announcements: Howie: For those who don't live here. I was thinking about
getting people to go to Splish Splash or Atlantis. Julia can get discounts.
Fishman: If anyone knows pearl speak to me.
Puck: Pot Luck tonight at 830.

Meeting Ends: 7:12

President: David Spector
Treasurer: Evan Saft
Secretary: Vest Paul
Historian: Howard Fred Krumsiek III

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