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Some Forumites (finally, after over two years of my wearing it at Forum-oriented events, which I guess I should have expected) noticed my Science Fiction Forum dog tag and asked where they could get it.

Here's a picture of the two-sided tag:
(it's a big roughed up due to being a few years old, mind you)

If you'd like to design and order one on your own:
1. Go to http://www.artscow.com/photo-gifts/dog-tag/dog-tag-two-sides-227
2. Upload the image files currently at "http://sf4m.org/Historium/Tags/tag_forum.png" and "http://sf4m.org/Historium/Tags/tag_forum-back.png" to their designer.
3. give them money

It's $7 plus shipping and handling. Shipping goes down a bit when order quantities are higher, but it's not by a whole lot.

Anyway, a bunch of these could be ordered for the Forum for the next anniversary; that certainly wouldn't be a terrible idea. But anybody who really craves one of these can get it right away (or as fast as it takes for them to print and send it).
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Meeting notes 12/07/11

Meeting notes 12/07/11
Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM

President: Festivus was last Saturday. A round of applause was given to Colleen(Charles). Reuban didn’t kiss me but next year, Reuban, neeext yeeeeear (Secretary: rowr). I hope no one’s gotten cholera. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a good break (secretary: I intend to do the opposite if I can). Keep in touch on the FB group (and upload pics, you cretins) and have a good time.

VP: …

Treasurer: We have checks, some have been used.

Secretary: Was given the cane. That still doesn’t excuse the lack of participation on the FB group. Label the cards and upload your own pics. Get on with it!

Librarian: Suc et!

AC: …

SACFL: Game after meeting.

Historian: We decided we’d rather leave early than have one.


PR: Make yourself a wiki page. Come find me if you want to be on PR next semester.

Fundraising: A cage match between Pete and Spector was held and 20% of the pot went to Fred.

New business:
Old business:
Elections tonight

The hat was mighty amongst the haberdasher related items.
Sean got two people to help judge the fanfics. I think. He might still need someone so go ask.

Meeting closed at 7:12

VP – Liz
Head AC – Ian
Head Librarian – Will never read this, so I declare the winner to be Boba Fett. #Mitchellwongproblems

Meeting notes 11/30/11

Meeting called to order at 7:01 PM

President: I had a really fantastic speech lined up, but now everything’s OK, so never mind. Festivus will be Saturday, December 3rd at 1PM in SAC 311. It will be catered. Last night Robert Leeshock didn’t show up.

VP: Is all right. The banner hanging went sideways. It was painted to be hung vertically and we don’t have enough wall space. More work will be done later. We now have money for the boffer build.

Treasurer: Vouchers. Some are going through, some aren’t.

Secretary: Things slowed down. Give me pictures. Old forumites, help with the Lounge Library Wars card restoration project.

Librarian: The library failed to combust and work got done, so yay. Keep strangers away from forum property.

AC: Hi! We have Festivus this weekend. Saturday, December 3rd at 1PM in SAC 311.

SACFL: We have new movies. Captain America, HP7B and Pirates: Stranger Tides. Game after meeting.

Historian: One of the great forum stories was told. Good ol’ Sherman.


PR: …

Fundraising: We raised a fund and it was good.

New business:
Saturday, December 3rd at 1PM in SAC 311 is Festivus
Dumbledore’s Army is planning an event with the 4M and wants to collaborate on panels for I-CON
Construction happened today and apparently went better than expected.
The forum continues to have trash left in it, so keep an eye out. If someone leaves food for the forumites but cannot stay to see it finished, get rid of the empty stuff when you’re done.
Be aware of personal space and smells.

Nominations tonight and next week along with elections

Old business:

The hat was mighty amongst the haberdasher related items.
Festivus, Saturday, December 3rd at 1PM in SAC 311
Eat the sandwich, like the sandwich, finish the sandwich

Meeting closed at 7:50

Ian S
Adam Hurd
Liz B

Head AC:
Ian S
Sean D
Adam Hurd
Liz B
Paul Africano

Head Librarian:
Mitch Wong
Hat Pete

Meeting notes 11/17/11

Meeting called to order at 6:59 PM

President’s report: Hiya. We’re in the midst of our weeklong event done by Adam Hurd, a smooth mother – shut your mouth. Marathon of Walking Dead happened today. Liz will be holding her Battle Royale for Prettiest Princess soon (after Boffer build).

VP: JMaxx talked to Pedro about our access list. There was an issue that after 5 years, your card chip gets deactivated.

Treasurer: Allocations are over, huzzah! Stuff has come in and is going through. Office supplies are still possible, the Home Depot check is through and the other checks are waiting on approval. The comic book store in the city is giving us a discount if we do an event to go buy stuff.

Secretary: Give us more pictures, we know you have them! Aaron let me in to the old library station and I took everything I could find of interest. Including: Photos, archived logs, instructions on how to do library things and the Lounge Vs. Library Wars Magic Card set. 1/3 of them have pictures and about ¾ have text. I’ll post what I have for now and put pictures and text on the ones I was there for. If people know the people the cards refer to or were there for the events, feel free to comment with pictures and text for the cards. My knowledge of the rules is about 15 years out of date, so help with the actual card abilities is appreciated.

Librarian: If you leave things in the forum overnight or for any long period of absence, stop doing so or we’ll charge rent. We got one of the three Florida donation boxes today.

AC: Go Club is most excellent. We had our Philosophy event this week. Plenty of people from Philosophy club, not many forumites. They got us pizza, so we owe them one.

SACFL: The order for the movies has gone out. Harry Potter 7B, Captain America and On Stranger Tides will be in next meeting. No game next week.

Historian: A long time ago, in a grand grand old land…

PR: Adele made fliers but had to be indoors because the tape ran out.

Fundraising: The mendicant was at home.

New business:
Festivus December 3 in the SAC.

Old business:
Banner hanging still Wednesday at noon.

Anime Plus will be bringing stuff to the aforementioned Go Club mega event game night. 7PM Monday the 21st SAC Ballroom B.
Fanfic contest entries are due next meeting. Cross anything, lemons, limes, apples, pears but no pineapples. We have standards.
Robert Leeshock is still coming.
Thanks to whomever found Phil’s glasses.

Meeting closed at 7:40

Meeting notes 10/19/11

Meeting called to order at 7:00

President’s report: I have written all that shall be said upon this tiny book. Bad things first, then the cool thing. Sorry about Comic-Con, bros. If anyone’s interested in the post-mortem, we got the money, but the badges had already sold out. USG was nice about it, but a tad slow. Since we’ve still got the papers for an event grant, maybe we can make another con. Thanks to those who shelved books today, but a constant stream of processing and shelving would be preferable to letting them all pile up and doing all at once. So if you see books that need processing, send them along. We are focusing on internal forum business rather than big events for the rest of the semester. The floor is in terrible shape, so forumites must be more mindful to clean the forum. Throw your food away and despite the sporadic garbage cleanup, do not create a garbage pile. Go elsewhere with it, to one of the many other garbage containers in the Union. If you are last out of the forum, lock the cabinet, turn out the lights and close the door. Do it in that order to prevent accidents. Lastly on the theme of ‘you’re all savages’, it is keenly encouraged not to go to the forum with the sole intent to talk about people who don’t go to the forum anymore. Especially if it’s all to the bad. That’s what Festivus is for.

Now to the awesome thing! Evan has worked hard and gotten us a boatload of extra funds from USG during Fall Revisions. Personally I think we should look many years in advance and purchase things like chairs, another DVD cabinet, a vacuum and many things besides.

VP: It is awesome that I am vice president and my job is to yell. Dave and Evan are doing the yelling for me with the help of Adib. A vacuum shall be brought unto the forum. During times of cleaning, it shall be closed. Jim Prego is working on a trip to Lunacon.

Treasurer: We have money and I will be spending it. Do not call me to close the forum, no matter how close I may be to it. Allocations further down this page.

Secretary: A committee will be suggested later.

Librarian (report given by the Prime): Vest Paul is doing an RM tutorial to those who need it. It will be comprehensive to the last eventuality and detail, so if you need help with the following topics, talk to Vest Paul:
Entering books with ISBN
Knowing which entry in the ISBN search to use
Modifying what the ISBN search gave you
Entering books without an ISBN
Checking for multicopies automatically
Checking for multicopies manually
Entering multicopies automatically
Entering multicopies manually (not just changing the copy number)
Checking the multicopy records to make sure the right books are linked
Checking books in
Checking books out
Checking the circulations to see who owes what when
Finding out if the book on the desk has been processed recently using the Accession Date.

Head AC: Heroes Vs. Villains is going very well. Next week is the Halloween party, SAC auditorium on Wednesday the 26th at 7PM. There will be no meeting because of the party, so any attempts to have meeting will result in loneliness and angst.

SACFL: No movies have been ordered this month pending a check of the list. I am thinking of getting Transformers 3, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Priest and Pirates 4. Game at 8.

Historian: Lisa told of the flood of ’06, a mighty shanty which ebbed and flowed and nearly sank Harriman.


PR Our Halloween party is at 7 PM, SAC Auditorium Wednesday the 26th. There will be candy, costumes, games and a public domain movie.
An issue from last year: Why is there an iron in the forum? This was explained. It was meant to patch bandanas and the person never returned for it.
Fliers have been hung. Huzzah!

Authors: A week ago, we were told of Robert Leeshock. There will be a screening of his new show and a response will be written. Silence will fall while the movie is shown so as not to bias the watchers. The response will be written and then we can talk again.

Fundraising: Funds rose from the deep places.

New business: Lisa talked about advertising our doors in days gone by. Lisa is moving to Virginia soon and has unfinished business regarding that. She made and produced in meeting a colossal tapestry, mighty amongst Elves and Men. Add more bits to it for the ship side and the fantasy side, as it does not have nearly as many ships or fantasy critters as it might.

A new committee was recommended to investigate what will be restored on the rock, what will be added and what will be replaced and with what. No decision was reached.

Old business: Clean
Fishman is running his Disney day Friday and on Saturday is Jurassic Park and the like.

Forum Vs. Go Club dodgeball to be held campus life time next week.

Andrew is a Photoshop savant and likes to do spaceship scenes. He is doing a tutorial for PS showing how to make planets and starscapes with filters. If there is still interest, he will go on to more advanced topics. It will be on the second of November, place to be determined.

The philosophy club is interested in doing a movie with us. We did the event last year and it went very well. There will be a vote on which movie on the Facebook group.

Up to $175 for books
$291.25 for DVDs
Up to $150 to Office Depot for supplies
$213.16 for various games for our alternative gaming night
Up to $25 for gift card as a prize for the costume contest

Talk to Rich about the Science and Society club, which does gook work and meets Tuesdays at 2:30 in Roth.

The Craft Center is running a Teddy Bear drive

Meeting closed at 7:54

Meeting notes 10/12/11

These meeting notes are based on real events. Some names have been changed to annoy the guilty.

Meeting called to order at 7 PM

President's report: Mind the sweater, very important.
New York Comic Con is afoot and being worked on, but USG wants paperwork and has yet to get back to us. We're close, however, so keep looking. When we go, we have to keep together to appease USG and be able to get our badges all at once. After that, feel free to wander off. The SF4M is responsible for its members, however, so mind your Ps & Qs. Don't kill Conan, this is also very important. If cosplaying as Han Solo, do so as the retcon rewrite and not as the original theatrical release.

VPs report: Clean (reported in absentia, but do not attempt to clean in absentia. We can't afford the droids)

Treasurer's report: Allocation later. Tired.

Secretary's report: Only one may find the lamp. Aladdin is his name. He liveth on the corner of Chow and Main. Addendum: I am back, but as I tried to transfer this from my Palm via bluetooth, the adapter shorted and I almost burned my hand getting it out of my computer. USB stopped working when I upgraded to Windows 7, so I had to retype all of this. Hopefully I'll have a new bluetooth adapter soon. No more of that Targus junk, I can tell you.

Librarian's report: Gr.

AC's report: Grrr (absenstia)


PR: Make fliers. Post fliers. Be friendly to new people.

Authors: Spector has lined up a someone who worked with Gene Roddenberry, hight Robert Leeshock. He's bringing in a rough of his new show, God Machine. He'll be in the week after Thanksgiving.

The Vest is now digitally published. In case of author emergency, he'll tell you about the time he made over $4.

Fundraising: The Amish are currently involved in an internal conflict, so we had to raise our fund using union labor. We expect it to be up by 2014.


Allocating - For books including one by Terry Pratchett (huzzah), up to $150 to the local craft store for fabric to make decorations and photo albums, up to $200 to BJs for Halloween candy.

Bring cameras to Comic-Con for the 4M.

Halloween party to be held on the 26th in the SAC auditorium.

Meeting closed at 7:30.

Meeting notes 09/07/11

Meeting called to order 7:00 PM

President's report: Hi, everypony! We just came from an MvC tournament that packed the forum. President likes things in other things. Organized ClubCon September 17-23. Half 4M HP Scene-it, other Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit. LGBTA will screen Last Unicorn, Bitches! Can remember no more. Punches girls.

VP report: Does not apologize for punching people. Off to a new start . Hates being the asshole, but must fit the bill. Sees things laying around, so clean before he gets mad and bans things. Apparently we're too loud, so we must use our inside voices.
President addendum: Remember that fortune cookies are banned. Hair salon needs to keep things peaceful for their customers. Decrease the rape jokes. We have members who are more sensitive than the average brick.
Roman: We once had 6:4 female:male ratio
VP: We must build a time machine

Treasurer’s report: Noise level still an issue. Hair salon complained recently. Allocations to follow.

Secretary: Don't lock the door, you complete idiots.

Librarian: Shiftholders should come see Vince. Lock the cabinet and turn the lights off when you close up.

Head AC: We had an MvC tournament and thanks for running it. Dodgeball against the LGBTA. Rich, Morgan and Sean take care of it. Held at field across from tennis courts out back at 4 on Friday. Wednesday the 14th is Involvement Fair, so come and help out with it. Thursday the 22nd is a Star Wars marathon of the most recently bastardized version. Join the FB group, silly people. We also have a website and a wiki and an LJ and many things besides. If still interested in being a sub-AC, contact Adib on FB.

SACfL: Didn't know meetings were Wednesdays until now. We have Cube 1,2, Jaws, Blu-Ray Silence of the Lambs, Hogfather, Treasure Planet, Monsters Inc and many more besides (9). Remember to close the cabinet or there will be a mighty death. Intends to get X-Men:FC and Thor. There is a Doctor Who game, and this must be spoken of.

AC again: To gain AC power, organize a genre movie run and actually get people to show up. This is a mighty achievement.

Historian: Howie and Santos have an adventure
PR committee: Remember the involvement fair. Tribbles will be scattered to the nine vectors.

Fundraising: Funds rose.

Authors: A non-existent committee can only hire a ghostwriter, union rules.

New business: On Thor day, expose your shoulder. Scavenger hunts may occur but feel free to help out. Morgan is organizing a singing group the flat C-cups. Halloween carols should be sung. Hat day has passed. Barry is running Who Sundays and International Saturday including Miracle Day. Talk Like a Pirate Day Pirate marathon on the day (look it up). Capture the Flag event for forumites. Space and date to come. Talk to Chris deSilva.

No more than $120 movies including stuff
No more than $420 to Comic-Con passes
No more than $150 for books

Old business: Clean and clear and put it under control.

Get involved with I-CON.
Join the Curse of the Final Sanction if you want a Doctor Who 3.5
Zombie Don has a campaign
The MvC tournament continues forever

Meeting close at 7:46

Access list error

The access list appears to have been wiped. The 4M is presently sealed until the list is fixed. It is not recommended to attempt other means of entry as the upstairs desk is aware of the problem. The paper access list was discarded when we went over to key cards, so the desk isn't allowed to let anyone in. They've sent off a request to have access re-established but it is not presently known whether and how long this will take. It may be a glitch and it may be something else. Pessimistic forumites will want to avoid for the rest of the week week, realistic for the rest of the day and optimistic forumites should spend more time in the forum. That is all.

Meeting notes 8/31/11

Meeting called to order at 6:52

President's report(asynchronous time): Glad to be back. Welcomed all new people and threw away loud phone. E-board introduced in order of sexiness. Introduced forum purpose. Run-through of prospective events.

VPs report in absentia and in person asynch: Clean. Forum was unclean. Must remain clean.

Treasurer's Report: Introduced self. Allocations later. Forum unclean. Must remain clean. One day Comic-Con trip being organized. 10/16/11 perhaps.

Secretaries report: Hi

ACs report: Sub-ACs being looked for. Must run programs.

Librarian's report: Introduced self. Reiterated importance and rules of library. Shifholders wanted for many slots. Ask Vince for sign-up sheet.

Historian: A mighty tale of forumites eating things

PR committee: Reported on progress of canvasing campaign. Involvement fair Sept 14.

Fundraising: Funds are being raised

Old business: No old business

New business: Forum is trying to be kept open until 3AM, hang out.
Club-con: Multiclub event, forum looking for an event to sponsor and put together. Lasts a week, forum taking an entire day. Go to other clubs' events so we get more attendance.
Go club event
LGBTA event: Showing the last unicorn
Forum scavenger hunt: Doctor Who and Game of Thrones themed
Boffer knight in forum

Up to $120 for a Borders raid
Up to $120 for graphic novels from Blue Planet Comics
No more than $170 for books for movies from the lounge


Be careful of the router.
Priority given to stuyding and eating
Join the Facebook group
Africano is running a game, talk to him about it
Read and write in log, as well as the wiki
Who Sundays

Meeting closed: 7:45

xposted from the new SF4M facebook group:

Meeting Opens: 6:58
President's Report: This is the last meeting of the semester, when we see each
other again we will be slightly more tan from being outdoors (general laughter).
The Regatta but by gosh it floated, we didn't win but by gosh it floated.
Elections tonight pick the people you like least.

Vice President's Report: Nothing for me to rant about. Vince found a fluffy.

Treasurer's Report: Hi. Our phone bill is a sneaky bitch.

Secretary's Report: Waah, waah I'm sentimental.

Librarian: Discusses his S&M relationship with Dave. He said other tings but
honestly I forgot. It's my last day as secretary really what else do you want.

Head Ac: Oh shit. Picnic Saturday, if it rains too much we'll go to J.C.'s.

Sub Ac: Movies, Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Hunger,
Judge Dred (the Sylvester Stallone version). Last game of the semester is

Historian: Computer Barry is sideways.

P.R. We gave out all of our single issues comics, inside all of which are

Old Business: Clean.

New Business: Dodgeball with the LGBTA sometime during finals.

Announcements: Howie: For those who don't live here. I was thinking about
getting people to go to Splish Splash or Atlantis. Julia can get discounts.
Fishman: If anyone knows pearl speak to me.
Puck: Pot Luck tonight at 830.

Meeting Ends: 7:12

President: David Spector
Treasurer: Evan Saft
Secretary: Vest Paul
Historian: Howard Fred Krumsiek III